Merthur Art Calendars now available!

These Calendars are a project by COiNELOT, the Merlin/Arthur convention this year in Berlin and I can assure you these calendars are AMAAAAAAZZZINNGGGG!!!

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With great pride, and the biggest THANK YOU to all participating artists, COiNELOT proudly presents:

The Merthur Art Calendars

(We apologise in advance for the length of this post.)

Both calendars contain exclusive, unpublished fanart by a whole bunch of incredibly talented artists. Both calendars feature different artworks, all of which is safe for work, but with definite slashy undertones. (You could probably make your colleagues think that it’s nothing but an epic bromance though, if you tried hard enough.)

And just in case this hasn’t been obvious in all the amazing previews you’ve seen around before: Every piece of art for these calendars is absolutely gorgeous, and stuffed full of Merthury goodness and fluffy feelings. Every page is different and beautiful. Seeing all this incredible talent in one place is truly a privilege and will give you loads of warm and fuzzy Merthur feelings. Promise!

They are perpetual calendars which means you can use them EVERY YEAR and definitely right after receiving them. (She said and then turned her head to fondly gaze at the calendars on her wall and desk.)

You can order the calendars to be shipped to your home/office/secret lair, or you can buy them directly at the COiNELOT convention in Berlin, October 14-16 2016, and thus save on shipping fees!

Before we go into how to order these precious wall/desk decorations we thought it would be a good idea to sum up:

The Wall Calendar

Size: 290mm x 210mm (that’s 11,69 x 8,27 inches for all those of you who don’t get the metric system)

Format and binding: Spiral binding, landscape format

Pages: 21 (including cover)

Weight: 270g

Participating artists: @16th-of-a-twigg ; @achelseabee ; @amphigoury-art ; @barbitone ; @coldcigarettes ; @deheerkonijn ; @eviko ; @freezinghell1702 ; @fruttayo0328 ; @gj-fangirls ; @inkandowl ; @komadoree ; @linakai  ; @niklaud@reineyday ; @samkatdiz ; @sexgenius ; @spielzeugkaiser ; @whimsycatcher ; @writingupsidedown

Price: € 20,00


This is not an actual page from the calendar, just a sample to give you an idea.

The Desk Calendar

Size:  120mm x 135mm (4,65 x 5,39 inches)

Format and binding: individual pages in display, portrait format

Pages: 18 (including cover)

Weight: 150g

Participating artists:  @16th-of-a-twigg ; @calamity-annie ; @consulting-mutt ; @eviko ; @freezinghell1702 ; @fruttayo0328 ; @inalandofpendragon ; @komadoree ; @lilybells ; @linakai ; @maryluis ; @niklaud ; @procoffeinating ; @reineyday ; @sexgenius ; @spielzeugkaiser ; @yeozzz

Price: € 15,00


This is not an actual page from the calendar, just a sample to give you an idea.

Shipping costs

Standard national shipping (Germany only)

  • up to 500g: € 2,45

  • up to 1000g: € 3,60

  • up to 2000g: € 5,50

Registered national shipping (Einwurfeinschreiben, Germany only)

  • up to 500g: € 4,60

  • up to 1000g: € 5,75

  • up to 2000g: € 7,65

Standard international shipping

  • up to 500g: € 4,70

  • up to 1000g: € 8,00

  • up to 2000g: € 20,50

Registered international shipping (you will have to sign for the letter/parcel)

  • up to 500g: € 7,20

  • up to 1000g: € 10,50

  • up to 2000g: € 20,50

Ordering, payment, shipping

You can order the calendars via this form. You can order as many as you like but keep an eye on those shipping costs, and remember that, if you live outside of Germany, you will have to sign for the package when it arrives!

After submitting your order we will do our best to process it quickly. You will receive a confirmation via email. This confirmation will include a detailed receipt of your order, and information on how to pay for the calendars. Please be patient.

It might take up to 24h before you receive the email because @tracionn, who’s processing all the orders and taking care of receipts and shipping, is only human, and has other responsibilities outside of fandom. (I know, what an outrage. She’d be much happier if she got paid to fangirl all day long, too, I’m sure.)

We hope you will understand that we need to wait until your payment has come through before we ship the calendar(s). We will send out shipments twice a week (every Tuesday and Friday), and notify you within 24h of shipping your order that it’s on its way to you.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it!


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