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Happy Birthday to twisting_vine_x

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I wish you juuuuuuuust the best, a wonderful day and an even greater year, much sunshine and good friends, lots of joy and little worry, many inspiring K/S thoughts and just the right amount of adventure wherever life will lead you.

Have the BIGGEST hug possible!

So, as I saw it’s sometimes custom to give a drabble – I’ve got one for you! Well, actually, kind of three…and actually they are double drabble, K/S of course.
I’ve written two on the occasion of your birthday – one is rather light and involves cats (guess why…), the other is a bit darker (but happy ending of course). I’m not really an author so they’re not exactly thrilling I’m afraid…

And then there’s one I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I only posted it to my German community. This one is rather romantic and you first mentioned you’re birthday is approaching I immediately thought you maybe could like this one a little bit. Anyway, I translated it for your birthday. Let me know...

All of them are probably written in the worst English grammar ever, so I warn you.

So, here is number one... [the others might follow later so you wish :)]

Double drabble: Thinking

Ever since they arrived to negotiate with the agrarian colony, animals surrounded them: dogs jumping on them and cats crawling between their legs begging for attention. During the discussions Kirk frequently observed his First Officer who was, even if visible only for his beloved, clearly uncomfortable.
When Kirk was invited to walk the dogs he only reluctantly left Spock behind with the council – and the cats. Before he went they exchanged a look and Kirk smiled warmly and encouraging at him.
Outside he couldn’t stop thinking of Spock’s well being. Only weeks ago had he recovered from a severe infection and his nerves were still sore. Those emotional animals and their closeness could still disturb the healing Vulcan metabolism.
Kirk was prepared to find Spock ashen, shaken or worse when he got back.
He entered and stopped.
Spock sat in one of the wide armchairs, two cats cuddled up to him at each side and one sitting on his lap being softly caressed by the Vulcan, who looked up to greet Kirk with a reassuring, loving glance.
Kirk’s heart overflew with love at the peaceful, beautiful sight and slowly an idea for his lover’s next birthday formed in his head…



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Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:25 am (UTC)
Oh, hon, you are such a sweetheart! <3

I so appreciate the wishes for sunshine and good friends and adventure (I actually spent the half hour before midnight dancing circles in a public fountain while a good friend took photos, so I think your wishes came true XD) and Sporky thoughts!

As for Sporky awesome-ness... this drabble is the epitome of cute, and I thank you tons for taking the time to translate it for me! If you have any others, I'd certainly love to read them... and oh my god, the image of Spock curled up around the kitties, while he and Jim make love eyes at each other! Such a perfectly awesome image. :D

Again, thank you - the love and good thoughts and well wishes and awesome Sporky-love-with-kitties images are so very appreciated. Lots of thanks and hugs. ♥ :)
Apr. 22nd, 2010 04:07 pm (UTC)
You are MOST welcome and I'm very happy you like it. Very very happy!!!

And here you find the next one:

I'm curious to see those photos - I hope you'll post one or two of them, will you will you????

Big hug - and btw: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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