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My Place

My days defined by duty
My work my only aim
My soul was framed by logic
No doubts, no laughs, no tragic
My heritage of Vulcan
Has shaped my way to live
Surrounded just by distance
I led my lone existence

Wild, foolhardy I have spent my living
Looking for a hazard everywhere
I’ve found my future here
Between the starlight
Countless flirts
All meaningless to me
I fled maturity

Then my world was widened
By just a smile and look
What I thought out of question:
You filled me with affection

The walls you’ve built around you
Seemed vast and without gates
For me they would held no scare
As I saw YOU behind there

I’ve tried so hard to fight the chaos in me
Now I think I’ve never had a chance
Your truth, your warmth, your puzzling Human nature
Brushed my solid reason right aside
Slowly you filled my dreams with light

Captured by your mind, your care, your dark eyes,
I’d do everything to keep you safe

Let me be at your side, now and ever

You have to!

And so I will

I haven’t lived until

Clearly I can see my place is here.
Here, where you’ll be always near.

It's a poem.
Or, for everybody who wants, it's a fittig lyric to the song "All I ask of you".
Your pick.

This has also been posted in the #spirk devian group and in KSWelt.